All About Us

Welcome to, the official site for The Colorado Museum of Cannabis and Hemp History in Denver Colorado.

Our mission goal is to provide the public with a museum that highlights “Cannabis in Colorado” and the “History of Hemp” in a safe, educational and entertaining environment. Soon to be completed, the Museum will be located an already existing building in Denver, Colorado.

The Museum will be open to the public in 2016 and will offer not only a live grow room with cannabis plants for observation, but will offer to the visitor the complete history of cannabis from biblical times until present.

The Museum offers visitors a fine collection of anti-marijuana propaganda posters; historical items related to the Legalization Amendments 20 and 64, prohibition as well as legalization exhibits, exhibits highlighting some of the first icons in the Medical Marijuana Industry here in Colorado, and an Interactive Legal Information room with updated State-by-state legalization statuses.

The Museum will also offer exhibits highlighting the legalization efforts of the SAFER,  NORML and The Marijuana Policy Project organizations; displays of high-quality (heady) Colorado-blown glass smoking pipes along with classic and vintage smoking items; and much, much more!

Tours of the museum will be self-guided. The Museum will also house a high-end Sandwich/ coffee shoppe, Gift store, and a Private movie viewing theater/ event room.

The Museum WILL NOT sell cannabis, however, according to Colorado law, it is legal for adults to give a free small “gift” of a cannabis cigarette to other adults who desire one…….. Yearly passes will be available and there will be discounted admission for veterans, handicapped, and social groups. The Museum space will be available for rental for after-hours events.

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