Preserving and Presenting Cannabis and Hemp History.

It only seems fitting that The first Cannabis Museum in the USA should be in the state the legalized it first...Colorado! (unless you consider Alaska in 1975!)

A New Museum For The Already Mile-High City.

The Colorado Museum of Cannabis and Hemp History in Denver, Colorado is dedicated to Preserving and Presenting Cannabis and Hemp History in a Safe, Educational, and Entertaining environment. The Museum's grand opening in Lower Downtown Denver (LODO) is scheduled for 2016. Check back for information on Museum Galas, Black-Tie events, and other Fundraisers.

Hemp History

The Museum presents the full History of Hemp and its uses, dating from pre-biblical times, till modern day.

Archived Magazines

The Museum is currently digitally archiving our massive collection of the first 500 High times Magazines. These archived magazines will be available for Museum visitors to view in the Magazine Archive Room.

70's Marijuana Culture

View Marijuana inspired household items, fashions, head-shop posters, antique pipes and smoking devices, music, and much much more, all displayed to entertain and educate Museum visitors.

Antique Cannabis

The Museum has many old cannabis prescriptions dating from 1897-1935, along with many old cannabis medication bottles......some still containing medicines!

Prohibition Movements

Follow the prohibition movements through a time line of events culminating in the prohibition of Cannabis and Hemp in the 1930's.

Marijuana in the Movies

From Reefer Madness, to Cheech and Chong, and everything in-between. See the stories our marijuana movie memorabilia have to tell. Then join us on selected nights in 2015 for Marijuana Movie Nights!

Special Events

Showing Marijuana-Themed comedies to daytime visitors, the Museum's in-house Theater will also present special "Summer Movie Nights", as well as being available for private rental after hours.

The Smoking Lounge

Relax in the Museum's 1970's inspired Adult Smoking Lounge before, during, or after your Museum visit. No tobacco allowed. Please bring your own smoking material as The Museum does not sell cannabis.

Visit Our Grow Room

Visit our LIVE Cannabis Grow Room. Have your picture taken while holding a real cannabis plant!